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Our Vision

      Our Vision 

      For Rydal Penrhos School to be the first choice boarding school in Wales, the North West and soon thereafter, one of Britain’s and Europe’s most admired schools. 

      We aim to constantly raise standards and our pupils’ achievements so as be a “World Class” School where pupils have the opportunity, courage and support to discover their talent and be the best and happiest they can be.  

      The strategic objectives for 2018-20 focus on: financial prosperity; achievement and engagement reflecting the Methodist values of our School; “Excellent” judgements by Estyn; closer alignment between the Senior and Prep Schools; and the promotion of boarding to families both near and far.  

      Each area of development has a number of projects to take forward and are part of our School's 5Ls philosophy that our pupils are: 

      • Learning effectively 
      • Living joyfully 
      • Listening respectfully 
      • Leading successfully 
      • Taking advantage of this stunning Location 

      Our ambition is to make Rydal Penrhos School one of Britain’s and Europe’s leading, most inspiring and most admired coeducational schools for boarding and day pupils – initially in the North West and then beyond. We aim to be a “world class” school which compares with the very best establishments anywhere in the UK, Europe and beyond. If any school is doing something better than us we want to know about it, learn from it and adapt it for here.

      We seek to be a vibrant, joyful, challenging and supportive school which enables pupils and all staff to discover their talents and be the best and happiest they can be. We wish to provide a transformative experience, developing to the full each pupil’s intellectual, artistic, sporting, spiritual, leadership and social qualities while ensuring they understand that serving and caring for others brings great rewards in life. 

      The School will build upon its past while adapting its values, traditions and practices for the 21st Century. 

      Our pupils will succeed during their time here and flourish in the decades to come after all many will be working until well into their late 60s and early 70s.

      We will not judge our success solely on their performance up to 18 but on their achievements in Tertiary Education, employment and the wider world. Each and every member of the Rydal Penrhos community will be proud to be associated with the school, its values and its achievements. 

      Five Core Themes 

      Whilst we will aim to offer current and prospective pupils something for everyone we will focus in on 5 key themes to make us distinctive from other schools with whom we are and will compete. It is these 5 themes which will be our DNA, and shape our development plans, communication and marketing (including our new prospectus) and make us attractive to existing families and interested families.

      Mr S R Smith, Headmaster.

      Full interactive document on RP's vision for 2018-20

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      Our Vision