Rydal Penrhos Community
Sports Tours

      Sports tours are an important part of a pupils sporting experience.

      This allows them a greater amount of time to train together and to come together as a group, but they also often provide thoroughly enriching cultural experiences, ones which pupils will never forget.

      National and international sports tours take place every year. These include the annual U13 tours to Yorkshire and Dublin, Cricket tours to South Wales, Pre-season rugby and hockey training camps, and annual golf and sailing tours.

      The more recent international tours include Senior Rugby Tours to Portugal in 2016 and Japan in 2017, and a Senior Netball training camp in Athens in 2016 where we were joined by Welsh Netball captain, and OR Suzy Drane.

      Although more focused on participation than performance, the annual ski trips to the USA and Canada are always well attended.

      Lastly, our senior cricketers take an annual pilgrimage to various locations around the UK to take part in a week of 40 over cricket.  

      Sports Tours