Rydal Penrhos Community
Physical Education

      The Physical Education department at Rydal Penrhos School is both large and diverse, drawing upon a wealth of expertise and experience from within the immediate department and from academic staff across the school.

      Academic PE courses look at developing all aspects of knowledge from the scientific to the sociological. There is certainly a strong influence on personal development with regards to physical fitness, but also in terms of participation and aspirations.

      A rounded PE and games programme is delivered throughout the school, with it becoming an academic, examined option at GCSE and Cambridge Technicals at Sixth Form for pupils interested in developing their knowledge further.

      Why study Physical Education?

      The subject offers an exciting and interesting academic study that facilitates learning in a practical and proactive way. The levels of study at GCSE and Cambridge Technicals at Sixth form provide contemporary and challenging qualifications, relevant to today’s Higher Education and job opportunities. The subject constitutes an excellent combination for scientific or sociological study, in addition to a career in the growth of recreation and leisure.

      Physical Education is the ideal choice for pupils who are interested in sport, although, excellence in performance is not essential. The developmental nature of the subject at advanced study delivers the Key Skills recognised by UCASE namely communication, improving learning and performance, problem-solving and working with others through this up-to-date, vibrant subject.


      We currently offer Physical Education from Year 7, followed by study at GCSE level and Cambridge Technicals in the Sixth form.

      The GCSE course looks at basic anatomy and physiology, physical fitness, and nutrition. There is a practical component that examines technical prowess in four activities taken from a range of activities.

      Many of our pupils move on to university to study various aspects of physical education. In recent years our pupils have enrolled on courses such as Sports Science, Physiotherapy, Sports Rehabilitation, Sports Therapy, and coaching and teaching courses.


      Beyond the school’s significant sporting facilities, the department also has a dedicated PE classroom with wi-fi access. It is there that we keep a wide range of up-to-date textbooks and research periodicals covering all aspects of physical activity and preparation. Pupils also have access to the Learning Resource Centre, where a number of related texts can be found. The department looks to access sporting exhibitions, lectures and seminars on a regular basis.

      Physical Education