Rydal Penrhos Community

      Numeracy is another essential element for supporting our daily lives. It equips our pupils with a powerful set of tools to understand and influence their world.

      As with Literacy, the set of guidelines provided by the DFE in the National Strategy for Numeracy and the National Curriculum for Numeracy in Wales, provides a detailed scheme of work and outline of the expectations of pupils’ learning at different stages in their education.

      More emphasis is now being placed upon number fluency, reasoning and developing problem-solving skills.

      The school has adopted an innovative and up to date scheme, Abacus Evolve, along with other materials to support the delivery of an interactive and stimulating mathematics programme across the school.

      Our daily lessons are supported with specific online games that can be accessed at home. Children are taught maths in their class groups except on a Wednesday when they are grouped by ability across the age ranges.

      This ‘Focus Maths’ session enables us to extend our more-able Mathematicians with tasks and activities suited to their specific level. We are also able to support children with a tailored approach to their mathematical learning needs.