Rydal Penrhos Community
Information and Communication Technology

      Information and Communication Technology (ICT) contributes to the school curriculum at Rydal Penrhos Prep School by preparing our pupils to participate in a rapidly changing society in which work and other forms of activity are increasingly dependent on ICT.

      The subject develops pupils’ information skills, including the ability to use information sources and ICT tools to help them find, explore, develop, analyse, exchange and present information and to support their problem solving, investigative and expressive work.

      An essential part of ICT capability is discriminating about information and the ways in which it may be used, and making informed judgements about when and how to apply aspects of ICT to achieve maximum benefit. Pupils also develop understanding of the implications of ICT for working life and society.

      The use of ICT significantly enhances teaching and learning in other subjects by enabling rapid access to knowledge, information and experiences from a wide range of sources. The use of ICT throughout the curriculum encourages critical thinking, imagination and creativity, problem-solving, initiative and independence, teamwork and reflection.

      Information and Communication Technology