Rydal Penrhos Community

      How can we progress without knowing what has gone before?

      History is made every day and here, at Rydal Penrhos Prep School, where the children encounter a broad and varied history programme. History is brought to life when children enter Year 3 with time travel expeditions on board the ‘time machine’ to Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece. The children are encouraged to ‘look out’ of the window and wave goodbye to the current year, the year they were born and so on. Through fun exercises like this the children are able to build up their historical knowledge base and can start to sequence important historical periods.

      Role-play and drama techniques remain an important tool as children progress up the school. They allow the children to ‘walk in the shoes of a Roman Legionnaire’ or a ‘Tudor Explorer’ for example, and emphasise with past lifestyles and conditions. The depth of study is further enhanced by the wonderful volume of resources the History Department has to offer. Children become familiar with primary and secondary sources and can effectively use them to make deductions about the past. Each year group also boasts the opportunity to go on a visit to a place of historical interest.