Rydal Penrhos Community



      Through air travel and ever-improving communication technologies, the world has truly become globalised. Our Geography Department, therefore, tries to equip children with the skills and knowledge to compete in a ‘global village’.

      Studies take place on the local, national and international scale and children encounter both physical and human processes.

      As well as finding out about different places, cultures, landscapes and climates, the children develop their core skills in relation to maps, plans, scales, and directions.

      The children enjoy practical lessons in and around the school locality; conducting surveys, drawing maps and plans, and measuring temperature and rainfall.

      They also spend time thinking about the environment and the need for humans to stop harming the planet and start protecting it.

      Year 4 children conduct a recycling workshop with the local council and the school’s Eco Committee develop many ideas touched upon in Geography lessons to ensure the school is working hard to tackle environmental issues.