Rydal Penrhos Community

      Fives (also known as Eton Fives) is a hand-ball game that originated in Eton College in 1877, where A.C. Ainger and his friends devised a simple set of rules whilst hitting a hard ball against the wall of the Eton College chapel. The courts on which it is now played around the world are exact replicas of the one at Eton.

      There is a long history of Fives at Rydal Penrhos School. The first courts were built at the school in 1935 and two further courts added after the war, when the school enjoyed a long and successful schedule of fixtures throughout the year.

      Today, Fives is still going strong in the school and it forms part of both PE, Games and co-curricular provision. Pupils also practise in their lunchtimes, and any time they get five minutes during the day! The school hosts the Welsh Open Fives and fields both male and female pairs in competitions at Harrow, Eton and Shrewsbury Schools to name but a few on a regular basis, with a host of silverware to show for our efforts.

      Rydal Penrhos is incredibly fortunate to have a Fives Gapper appointed on an annual basis who assists in the delivery of the sport across the Prep and Senior schools. These are residential posts facilitating the opportunity for pupils to play into the evenings.