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Year 9 take on role of journalists for English topic

Year 9 take on role of journalists for English topic

A group of budding journalists at Rydal Penrhos have been honing their skills as part of a special activity.

Sixteen Year 9 pupils have been writing about a number of topics as part of their News Reporting topic, where they have picked out current issues that are making the headlines throughout the mainstream and local media.

They have also submitted their articles for consideration to the school newspaper editorial duo of Elinor Davies and Benjamin Gibson, which will hopefully be published in the coming issues.

Head of English and Drama Leah Crimes, said: “At this time in Year 9 we study 'News Writing'; the pupils have been inspired by the school's introduction of 'The RePorter' and wanted to use the articles they were planning to submit to the editors.

“They have been writing about a plethora of topics; from recycling to mental health, the growth of AI technology and the reformed GCSE courses.

“They have all chosen topics that they felt passionate about and wanted to research. They have interviewed people related to their chosen topic and gathered research and data from a variety of sources.”

“Pupils have already gained so much. Obviously, this is preparing them for their GCSE English Language course, where they need to write a news article in their Year 11 examinations.

“However, due to studying this unit, they have been inspired to read and watch the news, discuss current affairs and become passionate about topics they deem unfair or important to our world.

“I am extremely proud of the zeal and determination they have shown.”

Communications Assistant and trained journalist Dean Jones will be spending some time with the group in the near future to discuss all things related to journalism in a bid to enhance their learning, while initial plans are being made to create a news channel featuring Year 9 pupils.

“We live in an age where we have access to news 24/7; young people must have the skills and capability to be able to assess whether the news is biased, or as we've heard in recent history, an 'alternative fact' of 'fake news'”, added Mrs Crimes.

“Our young people are the future; they should be socially aware so that they can make responsible and educated decisions when voting and navigating the world of work.  Hopefully we have a few budding journalists in Year 9.”

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