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Year 5 and 6's Prom Praise performance commended by lead conductor Noel Tredinnick

Year 5 and 6's Prom Praise performance commended by lead conductor Noel Tredinnick

A host of Preparatory School pupils have been commended for their performance at a high-profile concert in Llandudno last weekend.

The Year 5 and 6 choir took the stage at Venue Cymru as part of their Prom Praise concert, which was held on Saturday, June 24.

Lead conductor Noel Tredinnick, who helped the young vocalists with their rehearsals in the lead-up to the showcase, was full of praise for their effort and dedication throughout.

He said: “I was so impressed with, and so thankful for, the contribution of your good selves and your wonderfully polished Rydal Penrhos (Prep) School Choir to Prom Praise in Llandudno on Saturday.

“Congratulations on delivering such polished and vibrant singing - and sustaining that, together with immaculate and very professional behaviour throughout a very long evening. You were all great - magnificent in fact. 

“We particularly appreciated how seriously you took this invitation to sing, despite your otherwise full programme, and the genuine attention to detail and musical excellence that you put into this opportunity alongside all the other things taking your attention recently.

“Your very professional standards - which we totally recognised and appreciated - were evident throughout and hugely enjoyed.

“I would like to convey my warmest congratulations to all the children and their supporting families - for sharing their talent in such an effective and conspicuous way - and performing so musically and movingly.

“I'm a great fan of Rydal Penrhos, the style, repertoire and educational and artistic policies the results that flow out. All brilliant to experience and enjoy.”

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