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Year 4 learn without tables and chairs during Uganda topic

Year 4 learn without tables and chairs during Uganda topic

A Preparatory School year group gained a broader perspective on a current classroom topic surrounding a country with a strong association with Rydal Penrhos.

The Year 4 class spent their first day back following the half term break without tables and chairs, as part of their ongoing topic on Uganda.

This statement was to highlight the need for furniture in education establishments across the country, in addition to raising some much-needed funds for the projects Rydal Penrhos is associated with throughout the country.

It also helped them appreciate what it is like for children in Kitooha Primary School in rural Uganda, who up until very recently didn't have any classroom furniture until a fundraising campaign by Rydal Penrhos’ team provided them with the necessary tools needed to enhance their learning and make their education experience more comfortable.

Following the task, the group also took it upon themselves to write to their parents and family members to ask for donations, which has so far raised £70 and will be added to the ongoing total from Senior School fundraising.

Deputy Head Alison Hind, said: “This was an absolutely fantastic way to improve their overall perception of their Ugandan topic, and realise for themselves just how difficult it is for those less fortunate who are not afforded the same opportunities as themselves.

“Our Year 4 are a very compassionate group and once they had experienced this for themselves, they wanted to do anything possible to help and this tells you a great deal about the overall character of each pupil that took part.”

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