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Year 3 hold Senior School assembly on Vincent Van Gogh

Year 3 hold Senior School assembly on Vincent Van Gogh

A Preparatory year group spoke in front of the whole senior section of Rydal Penrhos for a special event on an iconic artist.

The entire Year 3 class descended on the Memorial Hall for an assembly detailing their work surrounding the iconic Vincent Van Gogh on Wednesday, March 21.

Art teacher Suzy Morris began by introducing the group, who spoke about the life and times of the artist, the history of his paintings and how revered he is nearly 150 years after his death.

They also spoke about his mental health and this played a significant part in his life, and how his life might have been a lot different had he been alive in today’s society.

Harry Nurse, Shane Ayeni, Hudson Lamb, April Mills, Jorvan Toor, Emily Nurse, Arreesha Owais and April Williams all took the podium, while the role of Van Gogh was played superbly by Noah Roberts.

The close relationship he had with his brother Theo was also discussed, and they ended with a song entitled Starry, Starry Night in addition to a collection of prayers created by Year 3 pupils that were read out by William Cheesley and Felix Griffin.

A large number of self-portraits were also on show, which the class had done based on the many creations Van Gogh painted due to his inability to afford life models.

Following the assembly, the class received a huge round of applause and a special commendation from Deputy Head Tim Cashell.

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