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Travel to the UK

      The school is within 45 minutes’ drive of Chester in northwest England, Holyhead and Bangor in North Wales, and there are fast rail links to London (under three hours) and the Midlands. Transfers from Manchester airport (70 minutes) and Liverpool airport (65 minutes) allow easy access from Europe and beyond, so boarding is an attractive option for many pupils families, whether flexi, weekly or full boarding.

      Airport Transport

      Look out for Phil Hilton, our Transport Manager, at the airport.

      Airport Transport – Terms and Conditions

      Cost Per Single Trip: £30.00 – £80.00.

      Arrivals to UK: All flights must arrive before 8pm.

      The School will not provide transport for flights that are scheduled to land after 8pm unless the flight has been delayed. Flights scheduled to arrive after 8pm will necessitate in an overnight stay in a hotel. Transport will then be arranged for the next morning.

      Please notify the Transport Manager no later than two weeks before arrival of the flight details e.g. airport, terminal, flight from, name of airline, flight number and time of arrival for transport to be arranged. 

      Transport will depart from Manchester airport at 11am, 4pm and 8pm on the day prior to the start of term.

      Transport times from Liverpool airport will depend upon requirements. The Transport Manager will be at Manchester airport on this day and can be contacted on +44 7793 800419.

      Departures from UK: No flight may be booked to leave before 10am.

      Flights must not be booked to leave the airport before 10am, as pupils cannot leave from boarding houses before 06:30. If an earlier flight is required then we can arrange for alternative accommodation the night before. In this case, the School will also arrange transport to the accommodation.

      Boarders must not leave school prior to the last day of term unless a written request has been submitted to the Deputy Headmaster at least two weeks before the end of term.


      • Times are a guide and may change.
      • Only one piece of hold luggage (max 25 kilos) and one piece of hand luggage will be permitted when transferring to and from the airport. It is the pupil’s responsibility to ensure bags are loaded onto the transport that takes you to and from the airport and that they are of the correct weight stipulated by the airline.
      • Pupils need to be at the pick-up point for transfers at least 15 minutes before the transport leaves school for their departure to the airport.
      • Transport will leave at the designated time.
      • A bus place will only be allocated and a passenger may only travel once a signed Transport Request form has been submitted with the correct flight details to the Transport Manager.

      In the event of unacceptable behaviour, the parent will be informed and if the behaviour reoccurs then the bus place may be forfeited.

      Obtaining visas

      Pupils coming from the European Union need not obtain a visa. Pupils residing outside the EU can apply for a visa from the UK Border Agency Visa Services.

      Travel to the UK