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Times League Table brings high rankings for RP's record-breaking A-level class of 2018

Times League Table brings high rankings for RP's record-breaking A-level class of 2018

Rydal Penrhos’ exceptional and record-breaking A-level results this summer resulted in some high rankings in a prestigious league table published by a highly respected national newspaper.

Upper Sixth Form pupils secured 45.1% A*-A grades, which was the highest in the school’s history by some margin since the introduction of the A* grade.

More than a quarter of all grades were A*, which was another record, and 63.7 per cent of grades were A*-B marks.

The school also recorded a 100 per cent pass rate, and this superb demonstration of academic excellence placed Rydal Penrhos 18th among co-educational boarding schools at A* in the league table published by The Times.

It was ranked an impressive 38th among co-educational schools at A* throughout the UK, and reached the top 100 co-ed schools for its A*-A percentage (98th).

Rydal Penrhos was also placed 45th among co-educational boarding schools at A*-A.

For a full rundown of our 2018 exam results click hereHeadmaster Simon Smith, said: “League tables, of course, cannot measure our 5Ls. They do not rank our pupils’ happiness or wellbeing, nor do they reflect the high participation rates in co-curricular pursuits.

“Neither do they recognise the achievements of pupils who may not have achieved those headline grabbing top grades but are nonetheless delighted to have either fulfilled or even surpassed their potential.

“Here at Rydal Penrhos we value such things far more. However, the league tables do recognise the academic achievements of the pupils and their teachers and remind us that as well as everything else that we do so well our academic standing is in very good shape.”


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