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Svaksh secures another impressive Karate grading success

Svaksh secures another impressive Karate grading success

A young Preparatory School martial artist has added to his outstanding list of achievements with another grading success.

Svaksh Singam, a Year 1 pupil at Rydal Penrhos, has shown tremendous progress since taking up the discipline of Karate at John Lynn’s Black Belt Martial Arts Academy in Colwyn Bay, and this has resulted in a series of impressive achievements despite his tender age.

The latest of these came during his Green Belt (TAB) assessment, with Svaksh showing a maturity beyond his years to remain composed throughout and attain another step on the ladder towards a possible Black Belt in the future.

This outstanding result came thanks to Svaksh’s sterling commitment during weekly training sessions at the Academy, which has a strong association with Rydal Penrhos thanks to strong participation levels across all age groups at the Prep School.

Svaksh has already set his sights on further grading achievements in the future.

Prep School Head Alison Hind, said: “Svaksh is developing his confidence and overall skills from an academic and co-curricular perspective extremely well during the earliest stages of his education, and we are thrilled that is being further enhanced at John Lynn’s Black Belt Martial Arts Academy.

“This is something our Prep pupils have been involved with for a number of years now, and it has greatly assisted them in terms of their discipline, self-esteem and sense of achievement.”

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