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Staff Blog: Mr Sherrington lauds preparation of GCSE Art exam group

Staff Blog: Mr Sherrington lauds preparation of GCSE Art exam group

Head of Art Mark Sherrington gives a detailed account of the recent GCSE examination in our latest staff blog:

The pupils arrived on Tuesday morning (April 2) and all found their allocated space in the top studio of the Art department.

The idea of a ten-hour exam held over two days in silence in the Art room is a daunting prospect but the pupils had prepared superbly.

Each pupil had approached me the week before and had a board prepared, canvas stretched or materials sourced ready for an 8.30am start.

The pupils had all planned what they would be doing and the first day saw them initially blocking in areas of colour, drawing out and laying the groundwork for the afternoon session.

By day two, all the pupils had their work underway and it enabled them to push the standard of their work and improve areas or create detail or a better finish.

This has to be one of the best-prepared group of pupils I have ever had and as a result, we have some cracking final pieces ready for the exhibition.

It feels like they have all reached their potential. They have the holidays to finish off their coursework now before the final show where the moderator will check the marks. 

What with the Arts awards dinner this has been a great end to a productive term.

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