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Sports Scholars & RPS Group

      Sports Scholars and Representative Potential Squad

      Pupils applying for a scholarship must demonstrate exceptional sporting potential and will currently play at, or show the potential to play at, or beyond regional level in one or more of the following sports; rugby, cricket, netball, hockey, golf or tennis. Further details about the scholarship application process can be found in the Admissions section.

      Our sports scholars receive an exceptional level of support through the year. This comes in the form of high level of coaching including 1:1 sessions where appropriate, competition and bespoke Athletic Development, and Strength and Conditioning sessions.

      Our Athletic Development and Strength and Conditioning sessions focus on developing pupils’ ability to move with greater functionality whilst increasing strength and reducing the risk of injury. Both programmes are delivered by our full time, dedicated staff in our enviable Performance Centre facility, most of which have Masters Degrees in Strength and Conditioning and are UKSCA accredited. Sessions run from 6.30am until 10pm in the evening with plenty of opportunities for 1:1 sessions and small group work in-between.

      Our Representative Potential Squad (RPS Group) are a group of pupils who work alongside our sports scholars.

      Throughout a pupil’s time at Rydal Penrhos School they may gain representative honours but not be a sports scholar or they may be multi-talented and play representative sport but have opted for another scholarship or they may aspire to play sport to representative level and beyond.

      Therefore, it is important that these pupils receive the necessary support required to meet their goals which is the role of the RPS Group. The group is almost all, but not wholly, self-selecting and to be part of this programme pupils need to meet one of the following criteria

      1. Be playing in a representative squad in a sport but not a sports scholar.
      2. Show a commitment in their own time to their athletic development – through attending optional co-cocurricular Athletic Development sessions. 2 sessions per week is the minimum expected.
      3. Parents and pupils can request to join the programme but need to commit to meeting criteria.

      Both Sports Scholars and RPS Group pupils have access to our Talented Athlete Seminar Programme. This involved half termly seminars on topics such as Injury Management and Prevention, Sports Nutrition and Sports Psychology.

      Pupils also benefit from specific parents’ evenings where pupils undertake individual sports specific target setting to help them achieve their sporting ambitions and balance their academic progress.

      Recent contributors are leaders in their respective fields and include Professor Neil Walsh who specialises in physiology, exercise science; environmental extremes; nutrition and immunology and Dr James Bell who is former performance psychologist for the ECB, RFU and Cleveland Browns American Football team and Padraig Roche which is Head Strength and Conditioning Coach at Arsenal FC.

      For further information about the RPS Group can be obtained from our Director of Sport Allen Boyd (

      Sports Scholars & RPS Group