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Pupil Profiles: Juan Rajagopal

Pupil Profiles: Juan Rajagopal

In the lead-up to our Open Morning events in April, we will be taking a look at the pupils that make Rydal Penrhos such a fantastic place to live and learn.

The latest Senior School pupil to feature is Juan Rajagopal:

  • Name: Juan Rajagopal
  • Year group: Year 10
  • Pupil status: Day
  • House: Osborn

There is not much that Juan does not excel at, and he is absolutely thriving under the guidance and support of Rydal Penrhos’ team of dedicated staff across a number of different areas.

The 14-year-old has achieved a wealth of academic of academic and co-curricular success since enrolling as a Year 7 pupil in 2015, which included scoring 53 out of 70 in the Junior Mathematical Olympiad that put him in the top 50 entries from the 1,200 that qualified for the event.

He managed to successfully achieve three perfect solutions to a series of difficult questions, which secured him the silver medal, just one mark shy of gold, and Juan qualified for the prestigious showcase after gaining a Gold certificate, Best in School and Best in Year 8 for his efforts at the recent UK Maths Trust’s Junior Challenge.

This was followed up by his extraordinary effort in the UKMT’s Senior Challenge this year, where he managed to claim a Gold certificate and a place in the Senior Kangaroo despite being a Year 9 pupil taking part in a competition primarily organised for Sixth Formers.

While his mathematical prowess has been well documented, Juan has also embraced a wide range of different opportunities afforded to him and each pupil at Rydal Penrhos, which includes taking part in the Academic Scholar sessions and contributing to assemblies by speaking in front of the whole Senior School.

However, perhaps his most unique gift is his extraordinary piano playing, which has seen Juan take centre stage at a number of different Young Performers’ Concerts in recent years, in addition to aiding with the RPS Showstoppers event over two sold-out nights in March.

Rydal Penrhos will be holding Senior and Prep Open Morning events on Friday, April 26 and Saturday 27 from 9.30am, and to book your place contact Admissions Officer Jenny Marsden on 01492 530155 or email admissions@rydalpenrhos.com.

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