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Pupil Profiles: Chloë

Pupil Profiles: Chloë

In the lead-up to our Open Morning events in April, we will be taking a look at the pupils that make Rydal Penrhos such a fantastic place to live and learn.

The latest Prep School pupil under the spotlight is Chloë Tillman-Lennon:

  • Name: Chloë Tillman-Lennon
  • Year group: Year 6
  • Pupil status: Prep
  • House: Pembroke

Despite being at Rydal Penrhos for just over three years, Chloë has quickly established herself as one of the most prominent and successful pupils at the Prep School.

The nine-year-old has packed in a tremendous amount since enrolling at the Prep School as a Year 3 pupil in 2016, and continues to thrive in a multitude of different areas thanks to the opportunities afforded to her and each pupil under our care.

Her academic prowess has come on a great deal thanks to the support she is receiving from Rydal Penrhos’ dedicated staff, which has seen her enhance her knowledge in various subjects and gain further experience during Forest School sessions.

This resulted in the young pupil becoming the latest to complete the school’s Spelling Challenge prior to the Easter break after she successfully came through the final stage thanks to months of hard work developing her vocabulary.

Chloë’s passion for all things science is also another notable string to her bowe, with her creation during a recent project on Space a testament to her passion for the subject and her willingness to go the extra mile to aid her studies.

She has also become a key figure on Rydal Penrhos’ sporting sides, who continue to enjoy a tremendous amount of success under the leadership of Head of Girls’ Games Jude Pyves, and her contributions throughout various house events throughout the academic year have also brought significant praise.

Her confidence has also improved significantly thanks to her presence on stage, and she played a huge part in the overall success of Rydal Penrhos’ annual Spring Concert, which is the latest in a series of musical events organised by Director of Music Pete Williams and teacher Richard Davies.

Rydal Penrhos will be holding Senior and Prep Open Morning events on Friday, April 26 and Saturday 27 from 9.30am, and to book your place contact Admissions Officer Jenny Marsden on 01492 530155 or email admissions@rydalpenrhos.com.

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