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Outgoing Headmaster Roger McDuff gives thoughts on rest of Year 6 in final Leavers' Focus

Outgoing Headmaster Roger McDuff gives thoughts on rest of Year 6 in final Leavers' Focus

Our final Leavers' Focus features the rest of our Year 6 group, who have all received kind words from outgoing Headmaster Roger McDuff as they get set for the next step of their journey.

John Dick:

John has come on in leaps and bounds this year. For as long as I can remember John has been a Karate Kid and the dojo he trains at has always been keen to foster discipline outside of the gym.

“For John, this has really paid off this year. His performance as the mad hyena Ed, was extremely convincing, possibly too convincing, but it really showed his enjoyment of life and enthusiasm.

“John is a kind boy who has a great sense of fun. He has been good to know and was a worthy recipient of both a Forest School Prize and a Head’s Award for dogged determination.”

Huw Griffiths:

“Huw is a young man of real depths. On the surface he is quiet and somewhat retiring but those who know him well, know just how much a source of great fun and humour he can be.

“He is also an extremely kind boy and I am grateful for the quiet example he sets with this.

“He is a clever boy who definitely takes in all that is going on and learns from every experience. Huw received a Head’s Award for his overall academic achievements.”

Matthew Stubbins:

“Matthew loves the water. He is an excellent sailor and swimmer and his determination in these areas is clear to see.

He has worked hard throughout his time at Rydal Penrhos and shown similar dogged determination and received a Head’s Award for his contributions to the sporting life of the school.”

Eleanor Tunstall:

“Eleanor showed enormous talent on the stage when playing Zazu. Her confidence, timing and projection were a joy to see.

“This has also been the story of her time here at Rydal Penrhos. Very deliberately, very carefully, she has grown in confidence over the years, into a talented young lady.

“Her openness and sanguine attitude to difficulties has set the finest example to all showing us that sharing and working together really is the way to success. She received both a Drama Prize and a Head’s Award for her shining example.”

Kalis Wilson-Lawrie:

“Kalis joined us this year and very quickly established herself in the social group.

“She is a naturally sporty girl and has really made progress with getting to grips with prep school competition. It can be a little disconcerting at times as she does like to spend a large amount of time upside down doing hand stands.

“The future of British gymnastics is, however, bright. Kalis has endeared herself to all, adults and pupils alike and we have benefited from having her with us this year. She received a Head’s Award for determination and progress.”

Sam Pritchett:

Sam's journey has been a great one. He started the year more as an observer than a participator and has finished as King of the Jungle – and then as a member of Little Mix.

“He has such a kind and caring nature whilst maintaining that ability to be a real boy with all the ups and downs that that brings. Sam's ability to 'have a go' and to keep going with real perseverance, is a fine example for us all.

“It has not always been easy but his determination has seen him through and for his efforts he was awarded the Drama Progress prize and a 6EM Form Prize for dedication, determination and effort.”

Phoebe Pritchett:

“’Phible’ is a delight to know. She has a great sense of humour and an endearing and engaging smile.  She knows how to have fun and how to include us all in. She is a great friend and a fine example to everyone.

“Phible has worked so hard throughout the year. She is a star writer and she always does her absolute best to try and meet the targets set.

“Her work is always beautifully presented and she has made amazing progress. There was no more worthy recipient of the Overall Progress Prize than Phoebe Olivia Pritchett.”

Ariana Milligan:

“Ariana is our other outstanding Head Girl. She just personifies Rydal Penrhos.

“Her commitment to the school and all that goes on is an excellent example for all. She has an infectious smile and the ability to enjoy all sorts of mischief which make her very popular.

“Her motives are, however, always kind and she has been a truly valuable asset to the year group. She sets herself extremely high standards. There is nothing that she is not involved in and there is very little where she doesn’t succeed.

“For her wonderful overall efforts she received The Ski Captain Prize, prizes for Netball and History, Scholarship Prizes and the joint recipient of the Jubilee Rose Bowl for the Head Girl.”


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