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Senior school day structure announced

Senior school day structure announced

Rydal Penrhos has announced changes to its school day structure as part of their gradual transition to a day school by 2021.

The school’s dedicated staff, together with its Governing Body, have devised a new structure that will maximise each child’s learning and co-curricular opportunities as part of Project Bold, and the new routine will be in effect from September 2019.

The school day will now start at 8.30am, will an official finishing time of 4.20pm and academic teaching will conclude at 3.30pm.

After-school provision will be made available until 6pm, and the number of teaching hours per week has been maintained as part of the alterations.

Curricular enhancing and co-curricular activities will take place from 3.30-4.20pm, and it is not anticipated that the length of the school holidays will change.

School buses will run in line with the start of the day and will depart from Monday to Friday at 4.30pm.

Julian Barnes, Chair of Governors at Rydal Penrhos, said: “Our new school day has been designed using the expertise and advice of the Senior school academic Heads of Department with the over-riding objective being to enhance the learning of the pupils.

“The academic staff have focused on maintaining the amount of teaching hours per week and by adopting a brisker pace to the day we have created a healthier, more balanced, more engaging and effective school day.”

A new Celebration Service will be held every Friday from 3.45pm until 4.15pm, which all parents are welcome to attend.

More information regarding the service will be announced in due course.

A full rundown of the Senior School day structure can be found here

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