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Netherton House put new twist on 'Five L' strategy at special chapel

Netherton House put new twist on 'Five L' strategy at special chapel

A boarding house at Rydal Penrhos put their own take on Headmaster Simon Smith’s ‘Five L’ strategy at an event recently.

Netherton House held a special Chapel on Thursday, April 26, where they used different L words other than Learning, Leading, Living Listening and Location and how they relate them to life throughout Rydal Penrhos.

After deciding that Living Joyfully is the most significant of the L’s, Phillip Novak began with ‘Language’ given that the school is a truly international community that enhances their cultural experiences.

Eric Zhao’s ‘Leave Me Alone’ enabled him to speak about the need for reflection and thinking during times throughout the school week, before Lennart Paulsen highlighted the ‘Losing’ aspect of inter-house competitions and the importance to always encourage and show determination.

Phillip’s next contribution was ‘Long Meetings’, which explored the necessity of Housemaster John Murphy’s weekly talks that ensure long-term benefits of enjoying boarding school life across all areas.

Laughter’ was the choice of word from Jan Dielehner, who said: “This is the most important L, if you don’t have happiness and joy in your life you will never achieve any of the other L’s.”

French boarder Nils Memmi-Bonstrom read a special poem on the word ‘Love’, and Prompt Utenpattanun’s ‘Light’ led into a specially devised prayer by Upper Sixth Form pupil Josh Meyerratken.

You can view the full Prayer here

Maksym Hrymych closed proceedings by saying: “Each person chooses his own mixture of L’s, there is no formula, they are personal to each individual. 

“We have chosen examples that represent our house. Choosing wisely, with awareness and some luck should enable us to achieve in the big L, Life.”

Mr Smith stated he was “proud” of each pupil that contributed to the chapel, and added that “it was real proof that the Five L strategy is sinking in”.

You can view the full transcript from the Chapel here

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