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Lower School Blog: Emma on importance of Lower School house

Lower School Blog: Emma on importance of Lower School house

In the early days of Year 7 (which are distant memories to me now) I didn’t come from the Prep School so I always had a fear of being lonely, but as soon as I set foot inside the walls of Lower School house I was immediately welcome.

My 11-year-old self was nervous and unsure of my surroundings. But no sooner than I could introduce myself was I offered a place on the soft black sofa by my welcoming peers.

Upon this sofa have I made new friends, best friends, and met the people that I am more than happy to spend the rest of my school years with.

Of course I have a family of my own, and as wonderful as they are, it’s important to make your own families. During the two years that I have spent at this school I have made a family of the very best people, that I call my own.

Within this community comes responsibilities. Not only can I enjoy my time with the people I choose, but I get to lead the way, and hopefully become a role model for the people who are finding their feet at this hospitable environment.

Lower School house is our day time home, where we come to take a break and enjoy ourselves in the breaks and lunchtimes that we are allocated.

If we are late on some prep, there are plenty of computers and an abundance of workspace for us to put to good use, and if you need a quieter place to work, there is even a separate room.

On the rare occasions that there is not much to talk about, we can always keep ourselves entertained with the table football, pool table and a stash of board games in the cupboard. There are plenty of lockers if you have no space to store your stuff, and great seating areas.

One of the hearts and souls of our Lower School community is without a doubt the fives courts. I don’t play that much fives myself (or at all) but the joy that it brings to my friends is priceless.

It is funny how hitting a ball against a wall is all a boy could wish for. And the best part about it is that the elderly home next door loves the sound of the laughter from the pupils.

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