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Lower School Blog: Emily offers advice to incoming Year 7 group

Lower School Blog: Emily offers advice to incoming Year 7 group

Hi, my name is Emily Jones and this is my story of what my transition from primary to senior school was like.

On the September 7, I started my first day at Rydal Penrhos. Everybody met up in Lower School and made me and other new pupils feel very welcome.

I was told what class I was in which was very exciting, and I was pleased as I knew quite a few people in that class. We soon moved on to a tour through the school and getting to know our teacher and each other a bit better.

We went up all the stairs, through all the buildings and then back to lower school where we took part in a quiz, ‘treasure hunt’, with a partner and two Year 8s.

By the end of the day I felt really welcomed, and, I really enjoyed lunch, I couldn’t wait for day two.

There was a big difference between primary and senior, some of the reasons are because you move around buildings and classrooms where as primary we stayed in the same class the whole time, and we had a choice to either have a school lunch or packed lunch.

There is a lot more chances to be independent as we get to make more decisions by ourselves and have our own social bases where we can hang out with each other.

Everyone who starts a new school gets nervous, but don’t worry if you are because all the teachers are extremely supportive and will help you through every problem that you come across and help you with your homework.

All of your friends will be there for you and help you, so don’t just smile your way through things, speak to people like your peer-mentors, these are Sixth Formers who help you through the year, or your teachers.

This has been an amazing first year for me, especially some of the trips and getting to know my friends better.

I didn’t find it hard to fit in because of my friendly year, and I really enjoyed the first trip we had, it was a sleepover that included a few friendship building activities. I am very thankful of coming to Rydal Penrhos and I am eager for my second year.

Also, do not worry about a thing because every little thing is going to be alright, and I hope everyone has a great year.

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