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In-depth interview with new Sixth Form Head Leah Crimes

In-depth interview with new Sixth Form Head Leah Crimes

What attracted you to the role?

The same reasons that attracted me into teaching in the first place; supporting and shaping minds of the future.

Sixth Form is an extremely important time. In our education system, students are making decisions about their futures at age 17 and they deserve to be excited, encouraged and supported. They deserve to strive for the absolute best.

I want to promote and engender my love for learning and knowledge and instil that into adulthood; I still get a thrill when a student tells me they've read a book that I suggested!

I always tell my students that have I wanted to be a teacher since the age of six, which is absolutely true, but my own experience of Sixth Form was totally and utterly transformative, and the experience and support that I received then, shaped my choices and pathway immeasurably.

My father died whilst I was sitting my AS examinations, and my teachers, particularly my English teacher and the Head Mistress couldn't been more supportive.

They bolstered and encouraged me during this terrible time. I would have never had the courage or confidence to apply to Cambridge, never mind actually study there! It was then that I knew teaching is the most important job in the world; such an incredible responsibility, but immense reward.

How excited are you to take on the role?

I am excited to be able to put my own stamp on to the Sixth Form, and build on the fantastic work of Peter Lavery. I am absolutely thrilled to be working with our prefect team, and our incoming Year 12 and 13. 

What do you think you can bring to the role?

I'd love to say wit and wisdom. Probably enthusiasm, knowledge, organisation; with a splash of jazz hands.

I have high standards in both academia and behaviour. I firmly believe that if you have high aspirations and expectations of students, they will rise to meet them. As somebody who promotes the ethos of our school, alongside moral and ethical principles for the wider world, I have a vested interest in developing young people into aspirational and empowered adults in the world of work and beyond.

In the role of Head of Sixth Form, I wish to continue to advocate for the philosophy of Rydal Penrhos, as well as engender a high culture of respect within our Sixth Form, where students are inspired to respect self, others, learning, property and heritage; this will be the foundation on which success is built.

How will you be preparing for the role this summer?

I'm already preparing! I have quickly become literate in (and fallen in love with) UniFrog, which is the platform that our Year 11 to 13 use to organise their experience and qualifications for UCAS; I attended the UCAS convention with Year 12 a couple of weeks ago, and had the Leadership course with Year 12 this week.

As a professional and a human, I am constantly striving to read and learn as much as possible, so my summer will be spent as it always is: reading and researching as widely as I can and looking forward to returning to the new Ferguson Centre.

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