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INTERVIEW: Mr Davies speaks ahead of RPS Showstoppers event

INTERVIEW: Mr Davies speaks ahead of RPS Showstoppers event

Ahead of next week's RPS Showstopper extravaganza, we spoke with Music teacher Mr Davies to talk a number of topics relating to the showcase:

What has been your role in the show?

I have worked as part of the production team alongside Mr Williams and Mrs Crimes coaching the singers with their singing and acting, selecting the songs for the show and putting it all together.

How impressed have you been with the quality of rehearsals?

The quality has been superb - I've been so impressed with what our pupils bought to auditions and then built on during the rehearsal process. We have so many talented vocalists at school.

How much have you enjoyed working on the show?

It’s been an absolute pleasure - Musical Theatre is a passion of mine both in and outside school - so it has been a joy to be able to work with such talented children and such a supportive creative team on creating this show.

How important do you think performing arts are on a pupil’s overall development?

I believe the skills children learn through an active involvement in performing arts are all-encompassing and transferable - in order to succeed, performers must be driven, self-motivating and committed.

Children develop a fantastic work ethic by managing their performance commitments alongside their academic studies.

Children also develop their confidence, empathy and team working skills and exercise their brains by engaging with academic musical elements while simultaneously using their artistic, empathetic and communication skills in a way that is exclusive to the performing arts.

What makes Rydal Penrhos’ Music and Drama departments so unique?

I am lucky to work with a fantastic team of teachers and am passionate about sharing my real world experience with the pupils.

We are also unique in that we show no aesthetic bias and are willing to support all pupils in any kind of music and performance that they wish to undertake.

We value excellence in music as much as we value those who just wish to participate for enjoyment.

Will there be any surprises on the night?

You will have to wait and see - I can promise you will be blown away by the breadth of vocal talent on display.

Tickets are priced at £6 per person, and anyone attending the event will also receive a special souvenir programme.

Tables will be seated in numbers of eight, and special requirements will be catered for on request.

Anyone wishing to book their place at either night can get their tickets from Sarah James on reception, by calling 01492 530155 or emailing SJames@rydalpenrhos.com.


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