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Head's Blog: May 5

Head's Blog: May 5

Welcome to a bumper edition of the Weekly Blog. It has been an immensely busy few days at the Prep School, with our pupils now fully back into the swing of things following their break.


We begin this week with our Stars of the Week, which were handed out at our weekly Celebration Assembly every Friday, which parents and family members are welcome to attend.

Here are the winners this week and congratulations to all:


Charlotte Knight

for being caring with her friends. 


Oscar Jewsbury

for improved letter formation and presentation of his work. 

Year 2

Floyd Curtis

for his imaginative use of words in Big Write. 


Rafe Tunstall

for a great start to the term. 


Damla Emek

for reading beautifully this week. 


Daisy Yates

for settling in so well into her new school. 


Liam Farrell

exemplary behaviour on the trip and making the most of every opportunity



for being fantastic on the Year 5 trip.


Eleanor Tunstall

for the effort she has put into learning her lines for the Lion King.


Ivo Vonbank

for grabbing opportunties when they arise and giving his all. 


This week also saw no fewer than 16 of our pupils achieve success at varios levels of our fantastic Spelling Challenge.

Tristan Griffiths, Ellie Knight, Fleur Roberts, Zack Coverley, Geoffrey Fu, Tilly Trueman, Fflur Pierce, Chloe Tillman-Lennon, Lucy Ranales-Griffiths, Rana Abou-Samra, Cammie de la Mare Norris, Charlotte Knight, Angelo Katsouris, Ishran Shah, Margarita Apostolou and Toby Simmons all secured certificates and moved one stage higher – well done to all.

Details emerged this week from our Year 5 residential trip to Ironbridge, which is a great way for them to learn outside of the classroom and have some fun in the process.

They all had a great time and our teaching staff were very proud of their behaviour throughout the excursion.

As part of a series of ‘Reflective Corners’ devised by Reverend Nick Sissons, pupils have been climbing into the boxes and once they've emerged to write their feelings on the outside of it.

Year 4 pupils have researched the plight of street children around the world and set up a space just outside the staff room, which has gone down very well with staff and pupils alike.

Those that used the boxes commented on how “hot and cramped ” they were, and “how awful it would be to have to live in such a box”, which is the whole point of the exercise - to make them think what it would really be like if we were living on the streets and not in their current surroundings.


Year 4 pupil Rana Abou-Samra emerged from her Grade Two Piano exam with a pass, and she has already begun working hard in the hope of passing achieving further success later this year.

There was further triumphs in the form of Liam Farrell and Ruby Merrick, who produced a brilliant effort to come away with Distinctions from their Grade One Music Theory examinations, and Will Rutherford rounded off the accomplishments with a Merit in the same grading.

A pair of our Sailing stars also achieved success recently, with Matthew Stubbins and Liam Farrell enhancing their growing reputations with more accolades to add to their expanding collections.

Year 5 pupils made the short trip to our senior site, where they took part in a pair of different activities throughout the afternoon.

The first group tried their hand at a special Crocodile Escape challenge at the Memorial Quad, which saw them trapped on an imaginary island surrounded by croc-infested waters.

The second session was held in the Sports Hall, where department director Allen Boyd gave pupils a crash-course in the techniques and trials of becoming a successful high jumper.

Our Eco Committee came up with some fantastic designs as part of a competition run by The Pod.

Year 3 group members built a raised bed and bird bath from the top half of a water butt which now has sweet peas growing in the bottom section, while Year 5 designed a Minion made from part of a compost bin, black hosing, wellington boots, gardening gloves and drain connectors.

Year 6 pupils associated with the committee designed a decorative dragon fly, which was made from a wooden plank, wellington boots, garden pots, garden wire and garden netting.

This week’s Artists of the Week was Ada for her fantastic Hyena mask for the upcoming Lion King production, while Dominic Chamberlain secure the Singer of the Week accolade after a superb effort.


Huge congratulations to Ruby Merrick, who emerged as the Regional and District winner from the Rotary International Britain and Ireland Young Writers’ competition, and her entry will now go on to the overall final in the hope of gaining the national prize.

Classmate Martha Hind was awarded the runner-up spot in the regional stage, while Ella James and Dylan Lloyd-Bloom were presented with highly commended certificates for their efforts – another unbelievable triumph for our pupils!

George Watkins and Jonathan Osbourne have been given the responsibility of captaining the Cricket and Athletics sides respectively, and I know both will do a marvellous job.


Our Year 5 and 6 choir took over Senior School chapel this week, where they performed You Raisde Me Up in-front of pupils and staff.

They also performed the same song at the Summer Concert as part of Rydal Penrhos’ Music Week and they were absolutely fantastic – a credit to all of us here at the Prep.

That’s all for this week, thanks for reading.


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