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Gwen Parry-Jones to run £12bn Anglesey Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Plant

Gwen Parry-Jones to run £12bn Anglesey Wylfa Newydd Nuclear Plant

A former Rydal Penrhos pupil has returned to her roots to head a billion-pound nuclear power plant.

Gwen Parry-Jones, who attended Penrhos College, was recently appointed as the director of nuclear operations by Horizon Nuclear Power, who are developers at the £12bn site on Anglesey.

Following her studies at Penrhos, Ms Parry-Jones studied Physics at Manchester University and Economics at the University of Bangor, where she was offered her first job at Wylfa.

Speaking to the Daily Post, Ms Parry-Jones said: “The reason I have come back to Anglesey to be a leading part of this project is because I look back at the opportunity that Wylfa gave me and I think about the kids coming through school now, do they have the same level of opportunity and can we create that path for people?

“I’m having a great career and the critical thing is getting young people and people with skills and ambition involved in this project.

“Part of my job now is to make sure that, as future operator, when there are decisions to be made, I am the voice of the operator.

 “I am the person who is going to have to run the power station so I’m being consulted on how it is constructed.

Ms Parry-Jones began her career working at Wylfa on the decommissioned Magnox power plant next door to the new Horizon site.

Her 30-year career has seen her take on roles as station director at Heysham Nuclear Power station in Lancashire, before becoming EDF’s head of generation and working on various projects in North America.

“I would not do this if I thought it was not safe. I would not put myself and my family in that position,” she added.

“My knowledge of how a power station works, the levels of protection in power stations and the way it is regulated, means the factors of safety are very high.

“But we don’t know everything. We have to think about how unexpected things can affect us. The evolution of design and the regulation means we have got an extremely safe power station.”

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