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Grandad Glanville comes to the rescue

Grandad Glanville comes to the rescue

Did you spot the amazing ass’s head Puck gave to Bottom in the Prep School Year 4 production of Shakespeare's Midsummer Night’s Dream? 

The incredible Paper-Mache creation in the style of a pantomime horse that sat atop Bottom (aka Will Glanville's) head was created by Will's 90-year-old Grandad, James Glanville.

James received the call from Will's mother and father a week before the production as their Google search for an ass’s head turned nothing up.

Coming to the rescue, Grandad James knocked-up the equine head in an afternoon with balloons, paper-mache and a tin of battleship grey paint that was lurking around in his garage.

A man of many talents, nonagenarian James who retired as a lecturer over 30 years ago, gave-up flying his Tiger-Moth and other hobbies of wing-walking and parachuting a few years ago but in his 90th year still ice-skates three times a week at his local rink.

Making a five-hour round-trip up the M6 to Colwyn Bay, James came to Rydal Penrhos to see the Year 4 play and was "mightily impressed" with the Prep School production.

High praise indeed from a man who is a regular visitor to Shakespearean productions in his local RSC theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon.

Father Simon Glanville, said: “The poor old boy got stuck on the M6 on the way back and got home at after midnight!”

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