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GCSE Art pupils enhance learning on Liverpool Tate visit

GCSE Art pupils enhance learning on Liverpool Tate visit

GCSE Art pupils at Rydal Penrhos got the opportunity to enhance their learning on a recent trip.

The group travelled to the Tate Liverpool on Friday, January 26, where they took in the John Piper exhibition and took part in various activities throughout their visit.

Head of Art Mark Sherrington gives his thoughts on the trip:

“It was a fantastically clear and still day and the environment itself was stimulating.

“On the top floor we were able to work quietly in front of the paintings and drawings, making notes and coping the work itself.

“Each pupil spent ten minutes finding their bearings before settling in front of a work that they felt directly related to their work. The pupils worked independently on clipboards and sketchbooks.

“For lunch the pupils were able to explore the dock area with its cafes and gift shops before meeting again in the gallery foyer. During the afternoon the pupils visited the Pop Artist Lichtenstein exhibition again looking for links to own personal work.

“We always try to do a trip once our exam project has been handed out.

“The external moderator has commented in the past about how this helps gives the pupils a stronger cultural awareness and how seeing the work in the flesh makes the links deeper and more real.

“On our return, the pupils copied up to create a double page spread in their exam submission books sticking in the ticket from the day and other information they had collected to create a scrapbook type feel with genuine first-hand analysis.”


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