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Exam arrangements: Year 12 (AS)

Exam arrangements: Year 12 (AS)

Examination Arrangements: Summer 2019

Lower Sixth

Examination timetable

Individual public examination timetables have now been issued to all pupils. For public examinations, morning papers begin promptly at 9.00am, while afternoon papers start at 1.30pm; candidates must arrive at the examination room fifteen minutes early so as to ensure a smooth start.

The first major AS examinations are Economics and Psychology on Monday 13th May; the final examination varies according to the candidate’s entries and virtually all of the AS papers will have been taken before half term, but the last paper available to the Lower Sixth is on Friday 14th June (A2 Mathematics). Please note that there is a Contingency Day on Wednesday 26th June, in case the security of any examination should be compromised and a re-run has to take place; the latter could in fact be scheduled for any date up to and including 26th June.

Attendance at lessons

Depending on choice, some pupils in the Lower Sixth will have no public examinations, while those who have opted to take a couple of AS subjects or who will be going on to tackle A2 Further Mathematics in a year’s time may have a number of papers; as a result of this, lessons will continue to run as usual throughout the summer term. There will, however, be “flexible” study leave for those pupils who require revision time for their examinations, and they will be able to have the morning off before an afternoon paper or the afternoon off prior to a morning paper, with the arrangements depending upon whether they are day pupils or boarders:

  • day pupils are expected to revise either at home or in a supervised study room in School;
  • boarders will be provided with supervised study facilities in their Houses.

The Study Leave Planning Sheet (attached) indicates when the AS and other Lower Sixth public examinations take place, and pupils must fill it in so as to inform us when they will be missing lessons for half a day prior to an examination; teachers will therefore know whom they should expect to attend each lesson, and continuity will be maintained as far as possible. Completed Study Leave Planning Sheets (even if showing a nil return) must be handed to Mrs Crimes (Head of Sixth Form) before Monday 6th May; any subsequent amendments will have to be made directly by arrangement with Mrs Crimes.

Other events

Lower Sixth AS pupils are required in school until Final Chapel on Friday 5th July.

May 25th:  Speech Day

July 5th:  Last day of term

Examination results

The AS / A2 results will be published at School on Thursday 15th August 2019.

You may receive your results in a variety of ways:

  • you can collect your results envelope from Reception between 10:00 hrs and 16:00 hrs; the envelope will otherwise go in the late afternoon post for delivery to your home address;
  • you can telephone Reception (01492 530155) between 10:00 hrs and 16:00 hrs. Your results will still be posted to you later in the day;
  • you can provide us with an email address in advance to which you would like the results to be sent.