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Exam arrangements: Year 11 (GCSE)

Exam arrangements: Year 11 (GCSE)

Examination Arrangements: Summer 2019

Year 11 (GCSE)

Examination timetable

Individual public examination timetables have now been issued to all pupils. For public examinations, morning papers begin promptly at 9.00am, while afternoon papers start at 1.30pm; candidates must arrive at the examination room fifteen minutes early so as to ensure a smooth start.

The first major examination is Religious Studies on Monday 13th May; the final examination varies according to the candidate’s entries, and the last paper available is on Tuesday 18th June (Additional Mathematics). Please note that there is a Contingency Day on Wednesday 26th June, in case the security of any examination should be compromised and a re-run has to take place; the latter could in fact be scheduled for any date up to and including 26th June.

With the complex mix of examinations available in the UK, there are occasional timetable clashes; this is unfortunate, entirely out of our control and yet quite normal. In such an event, one of the examinations will be sat earlier or later on the same day, and arrangements are made to provide a relaxing environment whilst also keeping the candidate in quarantine and providing an opportunity for revision. Those candidates affected have already received a clash arrangements schedule.

Attendance at lessons

Year 11 must attend all lessons taking place up to and including Friday 10th May, with Study Leave beginning on Monday 13th May.

Year 11 must be present at all registration sessions except when on Study Leave. Pupils should give their Tutor advance notice of their absence due to an examination or to study for an examination.

Study leave

During the Study Leave period, departments will encourage pupils to attend revision sessions at which teachers will be available to provide support for groups or for individuals. When pupils do not have examinations, and are not attending an arranged revision / tutorial session with a teacher, the arrangements depend upon whether they are day pupils or boarders:

  • day pupils are expected to revise either at home or in a supervised study room in School;
  • boarders will be provided with supervised study facilities in their Houses after half term.

With the help of the Study Leave Planning Sheet (attached), pupils must plan when they will be in their boarding House, at home or revising at school, and should liaise with House Staff and / or their Tutors. Completed Study Leave sheets must be handed to Mr Sanders (Head of Middle School) before Monday 6th May; any subsequent amendments will have to be made directly by arrangement with Mr Sanders.

Pupils are not necessarily expected to be in School for lunch, but if they do wish to eat in School, they will need to indicate this on the Study Leave Planning Sheet.


During Study Leave, pupils coming onto the School campus must always register at the usual times; if they are on campus and not in an examination, they must be in a supervised revision room, rather than just ‘hanging around’. If they arrive after morning registration, pupils must sign in at Reception, and must later sign out at the same place when they leave School; it is vital that this procedure is followed for security and safety reasons.


At all times when on the School campus during the school working day, pupils must be in full school uniform

Attendance at Chapel

Except when on Study Leave, Year 11 pupils must attend all Chapels and assemblies.

Work Experience

In PSHE this term, the benefits of work experience have been under consideration, and both a Curriculum Vitae and a letter of application have been drawn up. It is expected that all pupils will complete a week or more of work experience before university applications are submitted or before the end of their school career, and the period after these GCSE examinations and during the summer holiday this year provides an ideal opportunity for this.

The best work experience is completed in an area of particular interest to the individual, and pupils have been encouraged to use contacts made via their family and the School to find a suitable work experience placement; the School will of course provide further support for those who need it. For boarders, their work experience could take place either here or at home; they should consult with their House Parents to finalise this.

Other commitments

Year 11 must attend Speech Day on Saturday 25th May, and they will be welcome to attend the final Chapel Service on Friday 5th July.


  • April 25th to May 10th: Normal lessons
  • May 13th onwards: Study Leave
  • May 13th to June 18th: GCSE examinations
  • May 25th: Speech Day
  • After last exam: Post-exam leave / work experience
  • July 5th: Final Chapel

Examination results

The GCSE results will be published at School on Thursday 22nd August 2019.

You may receive your results in a variety of ways:

  • you can collect your results envelope from Reception between 10:00 hrs and 16:00 hrs; the envelope will otherwise go in the late afternoon post for delivery to your home address;
  • you can telephone Reception (01492 530155) between 10:00 hrs and 16:00 hrs. Your results will still be posted to you later in the day;
  • you can provide us with an email address in advance to which you would like the results to be sent.