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Ethan arranges Cyprus beach clean-up as part of DofE Gold volunteering

Ethan arranges Cyprus beach clean-up as part of DofE Gold volunteering

A selfless Sixth Form pupil at Rydal Penrhos organised a special beach clean on the continent over the Easter break.

Ethan Davies, a Year 12 pupil at the school, arranged the two-day activity as part of his volunteering commitments for his Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award, and he liaised with local environmental groups before making the journey following the end of term.

He also designed and distributed posters/flyers and utilised social media to promote a Weekend Beach Clean Up event on the beaches of the Sovereign Base Areas in Episkopi, Cyprus where his parents are stationed with the Royal Air Force.

The event coincided with Surfers Against Sewage UK Spring Beach Clean Up campaigns running throughout the UK, of which Ethan is a member.  

The beaches of Cyprus are turtle nesting sites for the Loggerhead and Green Turtles. Plastic pollution and litter can deter turtle nesting and endanger local sea and wildlife.

Ethan’s event ran from April 13-14 and was supported by volunteers of all ages.

Random and curious plastic items were unearthed as well as the all too familiar bottles and single use plastic items, glass, cans and eroded fishing tackle/nets that litter many coastlines.

All items retrieved were sorted and delivered to the local recycling centre, and Ethan hopes to encourage and influence his fellow pupils at Rydal Penrhos to be aware of the effects of plastic pollution and personal responsibility, and continue to support events in the UK and Cyprus.

Duke of Edinburgh co-ordinator Dr Jim Lewis, said: “Ethan is hugely passionate about beach cleanliness and the impact plastic waste is having on marine wildlife, so it is no surprise to see him using his own initiative once again with another hugely successful part of his volunteering.”


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