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Drama & Theatre Studies

      Why study Drama & Theatre Studies?

      Drama & Theatre Studies is an innovative course which has been carefully designed to combine the theoretical and practical aspects of the subject. It provides an interesting and challenging course which prepares students for Higher Education.

      Drama & Theatre Studies will appeal to anyone who wants to involve him - or herself actively (rather than passively) in learning; it is not a course for those who wish to sit inertly and be told what to do. It has been conceived to develop a student’s individual skills and his or her ability to work with others.

       It must be emphasised, however, that the course is not just for those who wish to pursue further  training in the Theatre; it may help you to acquire transferable skills which could be suitable in such diverse careers as the civil service, business, administration, social work, marketing, public relations, teaching, journalism and law. 

      The overall aim of the course is to integrate practical and academic work, as this allows the candidate to study the dramatic text and then develop this understanding through performance; this combination of theory and practice provides an opportunity to consider a play not only as literature, but also as a vehicle for presentation.

      Plays are also studied in the light of their historical background and the cultural conditions of their production and presentation.

      There will be opportunities to see live theatre during the year and you should be keen to participate in theatre trips and in all practical aspects of the course.

      Assessment (A-level)


      • Devise an original performance piece.
      • Use one key extract from a performance text and theatre practitioner as stimuli.
      • Performer or designer routes available.
      • 40% of overall mark.

      Text in Performance:

      • Monologue or duologue.
      • 500-word written concept.
      • Group performance.
      • 20% of overall mark.

      Theatre Makers in Practice:

      • Live theatre evaluation – choice of performance.
      • Practical exploration and study of a complete performance text – focusing on how this can be realised for performance.
      • Practical exploration and interpretation of another complete performance text, in light of a chosen theatre practitioner – focusing on how this text could be reimagined for a contemporary audience.
      • 40% of overall mark.
      Drama & Theatre Studies