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Bronze Duke of Edinburgh candidates take part in first expedition

Bronze Duke of Edinburgh candidates take part in first expedition

A large number of Duke of Edinburgh candidates were tested on a special expedition last weekend.

The Bronze Award group, which consists of Year 9 pupils, used the school’s picturesque location on the North Wales coast to great effect by taking their first steps towards independent hiking and camping.

Under the supervision of Rydal Penrhos’ dedicated programme staff, the 14-strong group took part in a series of different activities that are sure to stand them in good stead ahead of their respective assessments later this year.

The DofE scheme is one of a plethora of different opportunities afforded to each pupil at Rydal Penrhos, which has brought a rich history of achievement at Bronze, Silver and Gold level.

Upper Sixth Form pupil Jenny Johnson will become the latest to attend a special ceremony at Buckingham Palace to receive her Gold certificate, with Jack Sissons, Will Marston and Katie Marston achieving this feat last year.

Duke of Edinburgh co-ordinator Dr Jim Lewis, said: “Their spirits did not decline in the face of the steep climbs, they were not crushed by their heavy packs, nor did the blazing sun evaporate their enthusiasm.

“When they were weak, they came together in strength. When they could only follow, others in their group took up the lead.

“Well done to everyone for a strong show of skill and we look forward to seeing them on their assessment."

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