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Boarding FAQs

      How do I find out about individual houses?

      There is detailed information about each of our Four Boarding Houses on the website.

      How do I arrange to visit a boarding house?

      Parents and pupils are always welcome to visit the school. If you are new to the school please contact our Admissions department  to arrange a tour of the school, which will include looking round one of our boarding houses. If you are a present pupil, please contact Head of Boarding, Mr Tim Cashell.

      How many boarders are there in each house?

      Our boarding houses are small and friendly, each with its own family atmosphere. The biggest house is Edwards, our girls’ house, with up to 50 boarders. The boys’ boarding houses are smaller, with 20 to 30 pupils in each of the four houses.

      Who looks after the boarders?

      Each house has a Housemaster or Housemistress, who is in charge of the running of the house and the welfare of the pupils in the house. Our four Housemasters and Housemistress all have their own families, and between them have a vast amount of experience in dealing with teenagers. They are ably assisted by an Assistant Housemaster or Housemistress, a Matron and a team of tutors, who are all subject teachers in school.

      What happens in the evenings?

      At the end of the school day (Monday-Thursday, 5.10pm; Friday 4.30pm) boarders go ‘home’ to their houses to get changed before supper at 5.45pm in the school dining room. Boarders return to their houses in time to start their prep (homework) at 7pm (Mondays-Thursdays). Prep time finishes at 8pm for Year 7-9, 8.30pm for Year 10 upwards. After that pupils are free to use the house kitchens and common rooms. They may also visit other boarding houses, go to the school swimming pool or fitness centre, or work in the academic departments that are open in the evenings. Bed times in the boarding houses depend on age, between 9-10.30pm with lights out at 9.30-11pm.

      What do boarders do at the weekends?

      Every weekend, there is an extensive weekend programme which is open to all pupils, and which includes a wide range of trips and activities. Many pupils will be involved in sports fixtures on Saturday mornings. Those who are not playing sport have private study in the boarding house from 10-11.30am. After lunch the sports facilities and swimming pool are open to pupils. On Sunday morning, boarders have brunch at 11am, with organised activities and access to the school sports facilities and other departments for the rest of the day.

      Where do boarders eat their meals?

      Boarders eat all of their main meals (breakfast, lunch and supper) in the Senior school dining room. In addition, all of the boarding houses also have well-equipped kitchens for the pupils to use in the evenings and at weekends, where they can cook and eat snacks, make cakes, and even prepare more elaborate meals if they wish.

      Is there help with homework?

      Yes. All of the tutors on duty in the boarding houses in the evening are subject teachers and are available to help with homework during prep time. In addition, all departments run clinics throughout the week, at lunchtimes and in the evenings, for pupils to seek extra help if they need it.

      How do I stay in contact with my son or daughter?

      Most of our pupils have a mobile phone and these are permitted in school (although they must be turned off during lessons and prep time). Letters or parcels should be addressed to the pupil and sent to the house address.

      Who do I contact if I have concerns about my son or daughter?

      Every pupil is allocated a tutor who is the first point of contact for parents. Parents of boarders are also welcome to contact the relevant Housemaster or Housemistress.

      Is there an airport transfer service?

      Yes. The school has a full-time transport manager who organises transfers between Manchester/Liverpool airports and school. 

      What happens during the school holidays?

      All of the boarding houses close during the holidays, and most boarders go home. If a pupil needs to stay in the UK during the school holidays, he or she may stay with a guardian.  

      Does my son or daughter have to have a guardian?

      In line with Home Office regulations, Rydal Penrhos requires pupils who do not live in the United Kingdom to have a UK-based guardian. European pupils who return home every holiday do not need a guardian, but any pupil who may wish to remain in the UK during half term or other holidays will need an appointed guardian. A guardian may be a family member or relative, or a family friend over 25 years of age who is not a full-time student. If parents do not have such a contact in the UK, the school will assist them to identify and secure the services of a suitable guardian. For information about guardians, please contact Sarah James, Guardian Co-ordinator

      Where do I buy the school uniform?

      The list of required uniform can be found on the website, and a complete list will be provided to all new pupils before they join the school. Most of the uniform can be bought from the school uniform shop. Outside normal school hours, pupils may wear their own clothes.

      Do boarders need to bring bed linen and towels?

      Pupils will need to bring their own towels, but the school provides bed linen (sheet, duvet cover, pillowcases etc.). However, pupils are free to bring their own linen if they would prefer it.

      How much pocket money do boarders need to bring?

      We recommend that boarders have about £10 per week for pocket money to cover normal weekly expenses. Junior (Years 7-11) pupils should deposit this money with the Housemaster of Housemistress. We encourage Sixth form pupils to open a bank account and manage their own finances. 

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