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Art work showcased at pop-up Reception exhibition

Art work showcased at pop-up Reception exhibition

Art pupils past and present at Rydal Penrhos are having their work showcased at a pop-up exhibition.

Visitors to the school will get the chance to see the fantastic work being done at the department thanks to a special exhibition which is currently situated in the reception area, which is the first using the new mobile gallery which was funded by the Friends of Rydal Penrhos committee.

These portable and flexible screens, built in the DT department, will enable exhibitions to be put up quickly anywhere on site and throughout the community.

Head of Art Mark Sherrington, said: “I am really keen that the other pupils in the school and the local community get the chance to see how talented some of our pupils are.

“Putting up your work is an important part of being an Artist and it helps you reflect on what you have done and encourages the pupils to raise the standard of their work. We could have put up more work of a similar standard and are building more screens as we speak to enlarge this resource.”

Also featuring in the exhibition is work from pupils that have recently left the school and gone on to study Art-related subjects at universities across the country.

Mr Sherrington praised the current group of Upper Sixth Form pupils for the quality of their work, and their dedication as they look to secure their university place of choice next year.

“This year one of our scholars Elysia Gilman, winner of the MOMA art prize is applying to Loughborough University amongst other places to study Art, and Morgan Roberts, a gifted photographer is hoping to study Fashion Photography at Leeds or Manchester University,” he added.

“Bethany Klazinga will be studying Art History at University too, so we are likely to have a busy couple of months preparing their portfolios and preparing them for interview.”

“I am really excited about the Sixth Form summer exhibition because we have some very strong film makers and photographers and a large range of fine Art that includes sculpture in the form of huge broken pearls, plaster cast war memory boxes, stuffed pillows and of course Elysia’s breath-taking painting.

“The range and diversity of the work in the exhibition should be of a high standard, challenging and stimulating.

“Over the last few years there seems to have been an overriding interest in portraiture and the human face. Mrs Morris and I have been trying to raise the standard of all the work produced by the students and have been championing the idea of looking for colours within skin tone and encouraging accuracy. Sometimes this is just a case of spending longer on the work until it reaches A* standard.”

A full gallery of the exhibition can be found here

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