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Annie the Musical director Leah Crimes praises cast ahead of performances

Annie the Musical director Leah Crimes praises cast ahead of performances

Excitement is building ahead of this year’s Rydal Penrhos Dramatic Society production.

This year’s extravaganza, one of the most prominent dates on the calendar, will take place over four nights from Tuesday, March 28 to Friday 31, and the society will be performing Annie the Musical.

Playing the role of Annie will be the pair of Bella Rutherford and Eliza Harrison-Dine, while Beau Holden and Pip Thomas will portray the characters of Molly and Kate respectively.

A host of other pupils will be performing as part of the showcase, which is being directed by Head of English and Drama Leah Crimes.

She said: “Rehearsals have been very full-on for our pupils; with some of them dancing solidly for 90 minutes during some sessions.

“This is a very demanding show for our performers, and the rehearsals have really stretched them - and brought out their best. We will be rehearsing every Sunday after half term, to put everything together on stage.

“I am always amazed at how much they give. They rehearse after a full day of school and sometimes after hours of P.E, and they still give 100 percent in every rehearsal, without so much as a whisper of complaint.

“Our pupils are as determined to succeed as we are, so they are extremely receptive and willing to learn and improve. I am astounded at some of the dancing talent in our school that I didn’t know we had- I’m hoping to keep that going after the show is over.

“The community spirit of this show is delightful; the pupils have all really bonded together and just had a great time- especially during some of the choreography.”

Mrs Crimes was also full of praise for the performers that are also juggling their GCSE and A-level studies, and hinted that there may be a surprise in store for those attending the musical.

“I can’t wait to see the pupils on stage, in costume, lights shining on them, receiving the applause that they deserve,” she added.

“Months and months of hard work goes into a musical - not everyone realises that - and most of our cast have their GCSEs and A-levels to contend with as well, and I can’t wait for their families and the rest of the school community to see how talented they are.

“There is a group of Upper Sixth students with one fantastic dance routine… that’s all I’m saying…!”

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