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Angus thanks Sister Stevens for support with special Art piece

Angus thanks Sister Stevens for support with special Art piece

A talented Preparatory School artist made a wonderful gesture to a staff member in recognition of her help and support.

Angus Holland, a Year 3 pupil at Rydal Penrhos, created an eye-catching drawing for Peta Stevens, a registered nurse who is the school’s Sister in Charge at both Prep and Senior sites.

The eight-year-old has a condition called Autistic Spectrum Disorder, which affects his social, behavioural and communication skills, with Angus also fitting onto the spectrum as someone who has Asperger Syndrome.

Following his initial diagnosis, Angus, together with his family, received significant support, advice and guidance from Sister Stevens, something that proved to be invaluable and continues to this day.

Parents Dan and Rajeena Holland, said: “Sister Peta Stevens assisted us greatly through some horrendous moments when Gus was hospitalised due to his behaviour and required urgent intervention methods, she was there all the way - phoning and assisting in any way.

“The support he has received from school has been nothing short of amazing.  We would be lost if it wasn’t for the support of Rydal Penrhos.

“I truly believe if he was in any other school, he would not have been identified as Autistic as he is so extrovert and vocal, but her expertise helped us to discover what Gus needed."

Angus’ artistic talents saw his work showcased at the Art for Autism Exhibition last year, which is run by The Welsh Autism Ball.

He also promotes his outstanding work on his very own Instagram account, which you can follow @ArtyAngus.

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