Rydal Penrhos Community
5Ls - Living

      Living Joyfully

      We will be a warm, supportive, orderly courteous and welcoming community, with strong moral values. Rydal Penrhos pupils and staff are caring, quite exceptionally proud of their school and fiercely loyal to each other. 

      We will develop a model which seeks to exploit House rivalry for the good of every individual. 

      Houseparents, Heads of Lower, Middle and Sixth Form will be supported by all staff and the curriculum and co-curriculum in their caring for the pupils’ wellbeing and mental as well as physical health. 

      24/7 Boarding and all its benefits will be a central pillar of Rydal Penrhos School but not at the expense of the day pupil. In fact they will certainly benefit from a boarding culture too. 

      Rydal Penrhos is a Methodist foundation, though remaining open to and respectful of children from all faiths and none. Developing a spiritual awareness in each and every pupil lies at the very core of our school. We will encourage visitors to school events and we will aim to consolidate our reputation as one of the most courteous and hospitable schools in the country. 

      Full interactive document on RP's vision for 2018-20:

      Click to read Rydal Penrhos School Vision: 2018-20



      5Ls - Living