Rydal Penrhos Community
5Ls - Learning

      Learning Effectively

      Everyone, including ourselves, at Rydal Penrhos is a learner and your professional development is very much towards the top of my agenda. We seek to ensure that every pupil realises their potential to the full.  

      This will be achieved by offering them “Great Teaching”: challenging, demanding, and exciting lessons put across by passionate, learned and dynamic teachers who are committed to research and professional development.  

      The philosophy is one of openness to new ideas, technology and a determination to seek out the new and innovative around the world. 

      Pupils will, through a unique Rydal Penrhos programme, appreciate that they have a responsibility to be independent learners too. Learning takes place in many guises and we will offer an outstanding co-curricular programme that promotes both broad participation and elite performance. 

      Whilst we will aim and expect to win regional and national competitions our philosophy is that it is also better for each individual to contribute to the best of their ability even if this means they aren’t playing a leading role.

      Doing one’s best in every facet of Rydal Penrhos life is the key.  

      Parents too are learners and we believe the best schools are ones where opportunities are offered for the whole community to learn and develop themselves.

      We will offer Parent Pastoral and Academic Forums to explain, inform and support parents in their raising of their children in these challenging times. 

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      5Ls - Learning